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JOHN HACKSTON | September 20, 2019 The Myers-Briggs Company and ESET recently conducted a study that showed 42% of businesses are focusing on delivering compliance training as part of their cybersecurity protocol, while over 63% use passwords as a gatekeeper of their systems. While these are certainly indispensable elements of cybersecurity, they don’t necessarily account for the fact that many breaches are… View Article
By Sherrie Haynie | September 17, 2019 In addition to gender bias, there may be a less-understood unconscious bias keeping women from leadership positions: personality type. To put it simply, research done by people development organization The Myers-Briggs Company (who I work for) shows more than two-thirds of those in leadership positions have Myers-Briggs preferences for Thinking,… View Article
DAVIS, Calif., Sept. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Findings from a new study published today in Pediatric Research show that feeding activated Bifidobacterium infantis (B. infantis) EVC001 to breastfed infants reduced markers of chronic intestinal inflammation by up to 98 percent during the first two months of life, which is a critical period of immune system development. The study was led by researchers from the University… View Article
September 9, 2019 Michael Burke, MSR Communications  An “earned” media placement from a journalist stands in contrast to paid media, such as advertisements, in that it provides more credibility than advertising and is more influential in purchasing decisions. However, even with what would be considered excellent media placements, it’s not always easy to determine the value, as many… View Article
Diane Ritchey | September 2, 2019 Time after time, we have seen that the next “Big Thing” in cybercrime goes live before we have even started getting to grips with the last “Big Thing.” That’s why new research is suggesting a different method to mitigate cyberattacks: your personality. According to a report, Cyberchology: The Human Factor, from… View Article