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It’s common to assume that if a baby is growing well, gaining weight appropriately, and reaching all of their developmental milestones, they are “perfectly healthy.” However, some health issues aren’t necessarily visible from the outside, especially early on, before major symptoms present. More and more research from places like Skyridge Medical Center is pointing to the… View Article
PORTLAND, Ore. – Facebook is promising to give you more control over your digital identity after news surfaced that a data-mining firm allegedly misused people’s information, but will that be enough to protect your personal information? Starting May 25, the European Union is implementing new regulations to protect consumers. Jim Kascade, CEO of a local identity… View Article
Organizations need to start grooming top-performing millennials into tomorrow’s leaders. By Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson It’s hard to believe but it’s been three years since millennials surpassed Gen-Xers as the largest segment of the workforce. This shift has made a notable impact across the spectrum of employee recruitment, selection, succession planning, and development for leadership roles. As… View Article
By Robert Cruz In only two months, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation will go into effect. Companies around the world — in fact every company that holds any data about EU citizens —are scrambling to ensure they’re prepared to meet requirements of the regulation and avoid enormous penalties. While avoiding financial penalties of up… View Article