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Identifying the right career path and successfully navigating the job search process doesn’t necessarily guarantee job success. While the career—and even the specific role—might be a perfect match, the organizational culture, or the culture that is prevalent in that industry, might prove to be a major “miss” that is costly to employees and employers alike… View Article
For the financial services industry, compliance is a major issue as there’s a need to archive communication from many different sources. To provide a solution to the industry’s unique demands, financial services software specialist IPC Systems has announced a collaboration with communications compliance and archiving company Actiance. This will use Actiance’s Alcatraz solution to offer… View Article
In an age where many consumers are suffering ‘password fatigue’, offering social login options can motivate sign-up to ecommerce websites. However, just four of the top 50 ecommerce websites in the UK offer social login, according to new research from Hello Soda. ASOS, Dominos, Netflix and Ryanair are the only four ecommerce sites in the… View Article
ConnectSolutions (CoSo), a leading private cloud managed services provider of secure virtual classroom training and web conferencing, today announced new real-time monitoring, reporting and administration capabilities for high-consequence businesses and large government agencies to measure eLearning engagement and return-on-investment goals. CoSo Insights (CSI) is now live in the trusted CoSo Private Cloud and can be… View Article
The California Psychology Inventory (CPI), developed by CPP — the exclusive publisher of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment — is an assessment tool that help leaders gain more insight into and improve their performance. Ultimately, the CPI helps identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses, what motivates you and can help you understand your personal “thinking… View Article
We’ve all heard of the stereotypes about people who live in different parts of the country; New Yorkers tend to be loud and fast-paced, while Californians are generally laid-back & environmentally conscious. Although these stereotypes may seem accurate to some people, there hasn’t been any science to support these broad claims about cities and the personalities… View Article
Exactuals LLC, a financial technology startup focused on the entertainment industry, has raised $20.6 million over two rounds a week apart. Its initial $10 million Series A round on Feb. 8 was led by City National and TTV Capital, with participation from Stanford-StartX Fund, S-Cubed Capital, Palo Alto Venture Partners, Skyview Fund, The Strand Partners and Temerity… View Article