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By Sherrie Haynie The Kingdom of Bhutan famously makes it a matter of public policy to focus the nation’s resources on maximizing what has been called Gross National Happiness . Essentially, the country has taken the rare step of placing well-being above GDP. While this approach has baffled the West when it first happened several decades ago, other… View Article
By Charyn Pfeuffer We can all agree that orgasms are great. Still, I need to put out a disclaimer: We’ve all been sold this bill of goods that good sex – solo or partnered – means having a so-good-your-neighbors-hate-you orgasm. Sex – whatever it looks like for you – can be a mind-blowingly awesome release of energy. But… View Article
Families always have advice for expectant moms but there are some things they always forget. Dr. Tracy Shafizadeh is sharing the five things first time moms need, as we count down to Mother’s day. Source 
By Eric Ng A Californian probiotics developer backed by tycoons Li Ka-shing and Bill Gates will launch a dietary product it claims can strengthen infants’ immune system in Hong Kong and Singapore on Tuesday. Evolve BioSystems said the product works by reintroducing a beneficial gut bacteria that is missing in today’s babies. To read the full… View Article
By GABRIELLE KASSEL Finding answers to questions relating to sex and sexuality is easier than ever before. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s likely a sexpert or a podcast or another source to point you in the right direction. There’s even a whole Netflix show, Sex Education, devoted to the filling in the gaps of our knowledge. Still, there’s a (tech-free) resource you’re… View Article