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Some people love sex toys, others not so much. We reached out to six real women to discuss the sex toys that bring them the biggest pleasure. It seems like everyone had a different toy they liked- but all agreed it made masterbation much more intense and enjoyable. Whether you prefer to use your toys… View Article
Clustrix, provider of the first scale-out database designed for the elastic scaling requirements of high-transaction, high-value workloads of today’s Web applications, announced a partnership with Yenlo (, a top European integrator of IT solutions. The reseller agreement allows Yenlo to give customers with scaling requirements access to a single, local source of development and services… View Article
With constant improvements in technology, there are an increasing number of methods being made available that enable organisations to gather invaluable data about their customers. Whether it is primary data, asking those all important questions through a direct survey or sign up form, or whether the data is secondary, analysing online behaviour or tracking social… View Article
The guy looks like Jesus — and he’s busy tonguing a blue-haired woman. Their tongues lunge and swirl midscreen, and players jab at their iPads while trying to achieve the perfect make-out score. When the goal is reached, the characters’ tongues morph into hands and fist-bump. Smooth Operator isn’t a solo game; you need to… View Article
Former Sprint CFO Joseph J. Euteneuer has joined Rivada Networks, provider of broadband communications services for public safety and commercial organizations, as its new co-CEO and CFO of the Americas. Euteneuer will work alongside Executive Chairman and co-CEO Declan Ganley to communicate the company’s vision for an open wireless marketplace while forging key strategic partnerships…. View Article
Former Sprint Corp. CFO Joseph Euteneuer is joining Colorado-based Rivada Networks as co-CEO. Rivada is a spectrum-sharing company — or wholesale-only wireless provider — that “allocates LTE network resources to wholesale buyers of wireless bandwidth,” according to a release. Its Open Access Market allows bidders to buy bandwidth in real time or in response to… View Article