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By A.R. Guess According to a recent press release, “Waterline Data, a global leader in data cataloging solutions and applications, today announced it has released the latest version of the Waterline Data AI-driven Data Catalog (AIDC), a platform that continues to set the pace for innovation while helping global organizations such as Fannie Mae and Nordea… View Article
Fitness Trainer Susanna Kalnes Posture Pet Peeves: Posture Pet Peeve #1: The Computer Cashew Posture Pet Peeve #2: The Superhero Stance Posture Pet Peeve #3: The Hipster Lean Posture Pet Peeve #4: The Gym Selfie Source
AMSTERDAM, Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Kaptivo, creator of the world’s best-selling whiteboard collaboration system, announced it will exhibit its one-of-a-kind device at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, and demonstrate the new features of its Kaptivo Enterprise product. “Most creative, financial, engineering, technical and executive teams, as well as classrooms, use whiteboards with good reason–they make it incredibly easy to visually communicate… View Article
By Gigi Engle With so many terms for different genders, sexual orientations, or sexual descriptors, it can be difficult to keep up. As a certified sex coach and educator I am still regularly astounded by the scope of human sexuality. While it’s great that there are more and more words to help people identify, it is also difficult to… View Article
By Rachel Cubas-Wilkinson The world of work is an ever-changing environment. One of the changes sweeping nearly all workplaces and industries is the move toward virtual work. We might recall news headlines of the pioneers of the “remote work” movement who early on cleared their physical locations to give way for employees to work from anywhere… View Article
By Susan Brickell Many women have the mistaken idea that personal lubricant is for post-menopausal women who no longer produce their own natural lube due to low hormone levels. Or it’s for people who indulge in the kind of action that makes artificial motion lotion a necessity to prevent tearing, like anal sex. If you think this way,… View Article
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Today Brightday launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter.  Starting from $49, Brightday hopes to reach hundreds of thousands of people suffering from back pain with the first computer software solution that uses AI and augmented reality to bring better posture to computer users everywhere. Brightday’s Kickstarter page can be found here Based on the research of Jean… View Article