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By Susanna Kalnes, Senior Associate Behind every true news story is a journalist who has sought answers to questions that all start with the words who, what, when, where, why and how.  As basic as that may sound, using these six words, consecutively, to explore a topic or resource is absolutely critical when it comes… View Article
By Leah Henderson, Intern On the bus home from work last week, nearing my stop, I realized I had spent the whole ride thinking about how hard it must be to drive a bus in the city. Every time the bus driver had to merge, inch their way between vehicles, quickly stop, etc., I thought… View Article
By Jon Lavietes, Senior Associate Like it or not, most reporters are bound by the rules of the Associated Press Stylebook, a lengthy list of style, usage and grammar guidelines that has served as a de facto standard in journalism for many decades (although there are several exceptions, including the New York Times, which has… View Article