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By Jon Lavietes, Senior Associate  One of the great differentiators of MSR Communications company culture is that the firm doesn’t require its employees to account for every activity performed during the day to the 10th or quarter of an hour, or some similarly granular level. By contrast, many midsize and large PR agencies have their… View Article
By: Crisel Mills, Senior Director I was recently having a conversation with a coworker, and we started talking about mommy bloggers and how much the space has changed in the last ten years. Most of the change I’ve seen has come from brands’ willingness to partner with mommy bloggers which has helped some turn their… View Article
By: Neil Shurtz, Content Creator It’s a common practice across industries to hire an outside PR agency to conduct media and analyst relations, manage crises, maintain social media presence, and generally project a positive public image of the company and its products and services. However, the end goal of these activities varies, and depending on… View Article