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By: Zachary Vito, Senior Account Executive When it comes to getting your company’s news out to your desired audience, there are many different options for wire services and distribution methods to choose from. This blog will explain when it can be beneficial to use a wire service to distribute news and what it is like… View Article
By Susanna Kalnes, Senior Associate    Under the massive public relations umbrella, there are many tactics that can be deployed to reach your target audience(s).  You can reach your publics via earned media relations, paid advertorials, event marketing, social media/influencer partnerships, speaking engagements, and much, more, more.   Perhaps one of the most overlooked tactics, however,… View Article
By: Neil Shurtz, Content Creator Traditional newsrooms are no longer merely shrinking. Outside the top tier of news outlets, they’re becoming nearly nonexistent. Many outlets, including the industry publications that have the unique focus to reach key customer audiences, are changing the way they cover stories. In the past, staff writers (usually journalists by trade)… View Article