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We all have our own individual stories, but not everyone knows how to tell them. A person could have the greatest story in the world, but without the ability to present it well, no one will want to listen to it. As the best practitioners know, whether they be filmmakers, authors, or comedians, storytelling is… View Article
Attention trainers: We talked to your learners. They say they want to learn, but you’re failing to engage them. Okay, maybe we didn’t talk to your learners. But we did survey 550 workers, and chances are your learners are harboring at least some of the same complaints. But before we get to those, consider this:… View Article
by Kristen Sasser Are your workers getting the most out of your eLearning sessions? According to the recent results of our new Learning in the Workplace Survey, not so much. While workers, for the most part, seem receptive to training—a whopping 98% consider company-sponsored education important, three-quarters say the virtual training sessions they participate in… View Article