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By Lucy Siegel | June 24, 2020 Disinformation and misinformation have become more hazardous than ever before. They interfere not only in politics and government, but also in business, science, entertainment, sports and just about every other realm of life. They can seriously harm a reputation or do other serious damage in a matter of… View Article
By Kai vom Hoff | April 20, 2020 PR Boutiques International announces survey results on media relations in the COVID-19 era Many public relations professionals feel awkward about approaching journalists during this time of crisis when COVID-19 eclipses all other news. How to pitch the media during the coronavirus crisis was the subject of a new… View Article
By Lucy Siegel | June 2, 2020 The universal goal of public relations is to get through to your target audience with your company’s (or client’s) story as you want it to be heard, in a way that will generate both awareness and engagement. However, the tools for doing this have been changing rapidly in recent years…. View Article
By David Ball | May 14, 2020 It may take Covid-19 – the worst pandemic in over a century and one that has been likened to a killing machine and a nuclear catastrophe – to finally force U.S. businesses to take crisis planning seriously. Until now, crisis planning generally has taken a back seat to day-to-day operations, as most CEOs preferred… View Article
By Jeremiah Mallari | May 26, 2020 Social media is one of the best communication tools in our modern social lives. Being able to connect with family and friends digitally at any time and any place is a pleasure and privilege of advanced technology. While so much of it is easily accessible, it can also… View Article
April 30, 2020 Several digital marketing terms have entered the business mainstream recently that have one thing in common: they all highlight keen attention on the customer; something that every digital marketing agency should do. Here are definitions of three of those terms that work together seamlessly, and an explanation of how the latest digital… View Article
April 14, 2020 Ten days ago, two Oregon emergency room doctors contacted MSR’s PRBI network agency partner, Weinstein PR in Portland, Oregon, for help getting the word out about the tremendous difficulty frontline medical staff are having determining their COVID-19 patients’ wishes. This takes a huge amount of time and effort they don’t necessarily have while… View Article