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Partaking in my usual fun lunch reads, I came across a very interesting article featured on VentureBeat written by Patrice Francois, co-founder and associate director at Digimind, one of the fastest growing companies in the field of social media monitoring software. Oftentimes a mishap can damage a company’s brand. Not only does a consumer’s interest… View Article
Guiness’s “Everybody’s Irish” ad campaign invites people to tell a story about themselves; the cornerstone of American identity. The Irish comedian Dylan Moran complains about Americans who overemphasize their Irishness. “Yeah, I’m Irish. My grandma was an O’Flannery, did you know her?” America’s massive Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations are the pinnacle of this attitude that… View Article
Gordon E. Moore’s famously predicted tech explosion was prophetic, but it may have hit a snag.  While the number of transistors on integrated circuits has doubled approximately every two years since his 1965 paper, the ability to process and transact on data hasn’t. We’re now ingesting data faster than we can make sense of it,… View Article
Many experiencing sleep problems are initially inclined to go to a sleep lab for help. Setting aside the issue of cost (which may be considerable), there’s one other factor that you need to take into account when seeking better sleep — convenience. Sleepwired A sleep lab is very much a lab, and when you’re there,… View Article
In pitching we get a few paragraphs, at best, to attract, interest, and motivate readers.  We have specific points to provide, but how we organize, word, and phrase our work sets an imperative tone.  The saying, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” comes to mind, but in writing it’s how you… View Article
The following blog can be found on SleepRate, written by Jenny Nielsen on the health consequences of poor sleep. We’ve all had times when we couldn’t get to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back asleep. You feel groggy the next day and time cannot pass by fast… View Article
Below is a well written article by SleepRate, a new service to help millions of people who have trouble sleeping get help by simply using a smartphone and a heart rate monitor. SleepRate accurately assesses sleep issues and offers a personalized plan to drastically improve sleep quality. The article below is a story about “Cupid and the… View Article
Old people are often given a lot of flak for being nostalgic about the past. They tell loving stories about how much rosier children’s cheeks were in the 1950s, and how cars these days look like undifferentiated blobs. While it’s true about the cars, it’s definitely wrong to suggest that the past was better than… View Article
Understanding your audience is an indispensable element of successful communication. We regularly discuss age, gender, ethnicity, income, but less frequently discuss the in-born, psychologically-framed preferences for communication that affect how people ingest and make sense of information. Having worked with CPP, the company that publishes the Myers-Briggs personality assessment, for nearly seven years now, we… View Article
Whether you’re a casual news observer or one who closely monitors the fine details, you’ve probably sensed the dramatic changes underway in Journalism today. What was “modern” Journalism just a few years ago with outlets hosting blogs and expanding and complementing their print editions with an online presence, is now making way for an expansive… View Article