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By Alex Gorelik A very interesting article appeared in Fast Company last month on how watchdog groups are trying to lift the veil on the AI-driven algorithms that may be used with good intentions but could be threatening the future of civil rights. The article discusses a case in which the New Orleans police department deployed a “predictive… View Article
By Riia O’Donnell Dive Brief: Employers need to think about the habits entrenched in their workforces and how those habits may be holding business back, according to a new report from the Myers-Briggs Company. Among other bad habits, an employer’s “always on” culture can come at a price, the group said. These cultures create significant stress in the… View Article
By Susanna Kalnes, Senior Associate Behind every true news story is a journalist who has sought answers to questions that all start with the words who, what, when, where, why and how.  As basic as that may sound, using these six words, consecutively, to explore a topic or resource is absolutely critical when it comes… View Article
Kaptivo, creator of the world’s best-selling whiteboard collaboration system, today announced Kaptivo Business Edition ( for organizations with smaller deployments who want to experience the magic of Kaptivo’s whiteboard collaboration system at a lower price point. Kaptivo, which was recently named a finalist for the Best Communications/Collaboration Device Award by Enterprise Connect, will showcase Kaptivo… View Article
By Mark Athitakis What’s your most effective leadership style? Thousands of online quizzes stand at the ready to help you find the answer. But perhaps it’s best to get away from this business of “leadership style” entirely. To read the full article visit
By Leah Henderson, Intern On the bus home from work last week, nearing my stop, I realized I had spent the whole ride thinking about how hard it must be to drive a bus in the city. Every time the bus driver had to merge, inch their way between vehicles, quickly stop, etc., I thought… View Article