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In today’s global, digital economy, companies are collecting more data than ever on their customers, and that data is becoming more diverse and complex, from different sources and in different formats. The creation and exchange of data has also increased significantly as BYOD and enterprise collaboration software have grown to become a mainstay in the… View Article
The upcoming enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is creating technology requirements, both for the management of data and for acquiring user consent. Two companies have recently announced solutions for the management part: M-Files Corporation and SAS. Based in Finland, M-Files is an information management firm with offices in Dallas and elsewhere. It’s offering a new… View Article
REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Oct. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Actiance, the leader in communications compliance, archiving, and analytics, today announced its Safe Landing Program for customers of CA Technologies, which announced its plans to “end-of-life” (EOL) CA Data Protection (formerly Orchestria). The program, available now, will enable a smooth, cost-effective path for customers to migrate from CA Data Protection to Actiance Alcatraz, enabling… View Article
There’s nothing more tedious than listening to someone talk their way through a long, dull deck. PowerPoint is the default mode of presenting. It’s familiar, cheap and easily stored it on a USB stick. However, it’s also often abused by communicators who give boring speeches accompanied by endless, lackluster slides. Whether you’re presenting something you… View Article
When was the last time you had a terrible customer service experience? How about a great one? Chances are the former is much easier to recall, and you’re not alone in feeling that way. Unfortunately, traditional customer service models are designed around these negative experiences – the only time a customer hears from customer service… View Article