What Your Learners Really Said

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Attention trainers: We talked to your learners. They say they want to learn, but you’re failing to engage them.

Okay, maybe we didn’t talk to your learners. But we did survey 550 workers, and chances are your learners are harboring at least some of the same complaints.

But before we get to those, consider this: 98% of the workers we surveyed said they consider company-sponsored education important for their on-the-job training and overall professional development.

Your workers want to learn. So much so that the majority of them are paying attention to your virtual sessions at least 80% of the time. And what are they doing when they’re not paying attention? 42% of them admit to tuning out… so they can continue working!

So far your workforce sounds like a great crew! But what about their complaints?

Let’s start with the 75% of learners who don’t feel the virtual training sessions they participate in are worth the time they lose from work. 75%!

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