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  Replacing departmentalized information silos with a centralized data lake is a great way to make a large organization’s records accessible to its users in theory, but tends to prove near impossible to implement in practice. That gap between need and availability is what Peaxy Inc. hopes to fill with the help of the $15… View Article
Virtual Clarity announced today that Alan Nance, former VP at Royal Philips and ING, has joined the management team to further extend their leadership position in creating and implementing advanced technology solutions for Digital Transformation and Invisible Infrastructure. Hiring Nance is quite an industry coup, he is very well known for pioneering work in cloud infrastructures, flexible supply-chains and… View Article
Gmail’s new “Block” button is another example of the ever-increasing control consumers have over their inbox. Previously, Gmail users could mark unwanted emails as spam and, after enough repeated spamming, Google would effectively block the sender. Yesterday’s announcement of the new sweeping sayonara button, however, is a new feature that makes it far easier for… View Article
Want some extra cash just from playing online trivia? A recent startup called Giving pays you to answer random true-or-false questions on a daily basis. The best part is that you could be one of the lucky winners that gets their student debt paid off for doing nothing. Givling can be thought of a gamified crowdfunding website that… View Article
When I open the box from Babeland, The Womanizer looks like a cross between a Clarisonic Mia and the airbrush that Sara tried out a few days ago.  If there wasn’t a giant fake jewel on it, I could’ve told you it was used as a vibrator during the times of Hysteria, and you probably would’ve believed me,… View Article
Virtual Clarity, a consultancy that helps multinationals make the journey to an IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) infrastructure, today released video of an interview with Virtual Clarity’s Pinky Van-Lare and Alan Nance, vice president of technology transformation at Royal Philips, in which Nance discusses his vision for how organizations can best employ cloud resources. In the interview, Nance presents his view of… View Article
Today, epi24, the company that creates pleasure-enhancing products, announced the availability of The Womanizer in the US. The Womanizer is the first indirect clitoral stimulation device to produce incredibly quick, often multiple, orgasms on demand. For more information or to purchase The Womanizer please visit “We’re excited to introduce US women to a new kind… View Article