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These days, it is expected that every business has a website, and this includes hospitals, healthcare facilities, and private medical practices. To determine how effective healthcare provider websites are, Kentico conducted a new online survey: Patient Attitudes Toward Healthcare on the Web Survey. The findings of the survey were quite informative. Some highlights include: 72% of respondents found… View Article
Are you an ENFP struggling to connect with your INTJ significant other? We’ve all been there. If, however, that sentence made no sense to you, then you might not be a millennial. ENFP and INTJ are “types” described by the Myers-Briggs Indicator Test, a 60-year-old personality test that is experiencing a cultural renaissance of sorts… View Article
The health care industry is slowly moving into the 21st century. Indeed, the conversation about big data is dominated by health careindustry concerns and there are startups working to provide innovative solutions. Despite all of the improvements, according to a recent survey from customer experience software providerKentico, there is still lots of room to grow. Kentico surveyed… View Article
“If you think that biological life is inscrutable and you think that machines are understandable and controllable — if you think of bodies like machines, there’s the promise that you can fully understand and control them,” explains Lucy Suchman, a sociologist at Lancaster University in the U.K. Suchman studies how wearables reflect the ways in… View Article
Understand thy customer! It’s not just a business rule, it’s a commandment. From the very first fruit stand to the most sophisticated tech company, the customer relationship has been, and always shall be, the single greatest success factor. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably busy writing their own business obituary. Which brings us to an important… View Article
10 tips for a good night’s sleep: 1. Stick to a sleep schedule​ of the same bedtime and wake up time, even on the weekends.​ This helps to regulate your body’s clock and could help you fall asleep and stay asleep for the night. Even though I had heard this before, I was staying up late on weekends to… View Article
While some healthcare professionals are effectively leveraging the Web to connect with time-strapped patients, many providers still have significant work to do on mobile if they are to meet consumers’ needs, according to a report from Kentico. Kentico’s digital experience research showed that consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of mobile options when… View Article
A recent study of patients has revealed attitudes toward their healthcare providers’ web presence, and the results are clear: take a pill and call us in the morning. The survey—Kentico Software’s “Patient Attitudes Toward Healthcare on the Web”— claims that 71% of the 512 Internet users polled believe that their healthcare providers’ websites need work, according to… View Article
Kentico Software, the Web Content and Customer Experience Management provider, recently unveiled the findings from a survey of American web users that shows while healthcare providers are for the most part using the web to better serve patients, they still have some work to do. Kentico’s Patient Attitudes toward Healthcare on the Web Survey is the latest installment of Kentico’s ongoing Digital Experience research series…. View Article
There are several things expecting moms can do to prepare down there for baby, and while most are exciting, there is one exercise that’s boring yet crucial. Kegel exercises. But they don’t have to be. Minna Life, makers of kGoal, a smart Kegel exerciser + app just released a new game on the app. Shape… View Article