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San Francisco-based Wildflower Health has raised $5 million in a round led by Easton Capital and Hatteras Venture Partners with participation from existing investors Cambia Health Solutions and HealthTech Capital. The company has raised at least $6.7 million to date. Wildflower Health offers an app, called Due Date Plus, which helps pregnant women track their symptoms, monitor key milestones, read health tips, and… View Article
When you work outside of an office, a bad Wi-Fi connection or screaming kids in the background can put a real damper on your productivity. But technical difficulties and home distractions aren’t the only factors that make it hard to work remotely. In fact, many of a person’s successes or challenges with working from home… View Article
Coming up on June 30th we will pour fuel on one of the oldest clashes in the CMS world; Open Source or Proprietary. Helping fan the flames, and champion of the Proprietary Software legion will be Bryan Soltis, Technical Evangelist at Kentico Software. Bryan is a walking encyclopedia of Kentico development capabilities and features. As an official… View Article
Digital marketing and system integration agency, Roundedcube, and managed hosting services provider have announced a strategic alliance with web content and customer experience management company, Kentico. Through this partnership, customers can subscribe to the top-notch Kentico CMS platform and managed hosting services that are bundled with the offering. Click here to read the full… View Article
Chances are you think that medical costs are going to bankrupt America, and if we assume that Medicare and Medicaid costs will rise as they have for the past 20 years (despite the brief interlude these last three years), then there is reason for alarm. But ask yourself: how much of those costs are related… View Article
Kentico Software, the Web Content and Customer Experience Management provider, announced it was named one of three “Hot Vendors in Web Content Management”for 2015 by tech research and advisory firm Aragon Research. “Kentico is helping to lead the charge toward a focus on Digital Experience and it combines traditional WCM capabilities with e-commerce and community features,”… View Article
Though Myers-Briggs psychology attempts to veer away from stereotypes, it’s almost impossible to avoid developing them. Each type necessitates a range of labels – but some fit better than others. Here are a few stereotypes that arise from Myers-Briggs psychology that don’t quite check out upon closer examination.  
If you keep your fitness-related New Year’s resolutions in 2015, it’ll likely be thanks to the new wave of devices and apps that have taken monitoring things like newborn sleep patterns and blood oxygenation from geek hobby to mass-market juggernaut. But what happens when companies have access to the most mundane details about our bodies? The highest concentration… View Article
High impact exercise can be a killer for those with pelvic floor weakness. What can we be aware of during high impact exercises that may give us problems? Any tips for lessening the impact? High impact exercises are likely to put stress on pelvic floor muscles because of the impact from feet touching the ground. Gymnastics,… View Article