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It’s no secret that data being generated by sensors embedded in equipment has opened up a new world of possibilities in manufacturing. Advancements in storage, bandwidth, processing power and algorithms enable us to mine data quicker than ever. With some Global 1000 manufacturers already realizing $1 billion of revenue from telemetry, you might think all… View Article
SleepRate’s sleep improvement solution uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) to improve your sleep. In studies, it has shown an 85% success rate. SleepRate’s CBTI solution is: -Exclusively licensed CBTI protocols from Stanford University -Proven technique used by leading universities and sleep clinics worldwide -Recognized by the National Institutes of Health as “first line… View Article
Could getting a better night’s sleep be as simple as choosing the right download? 2. Sleeprate (free on Android and Apple) analyzes your sleep patterns (how many hours of shut-eye are you really getting?) and detects loud noises, snoring and similar problems. Many of these apps use a mechanism in your phone that measures vibrations; you leave the phone… View Article
How many times has your doctor told you to do pelvic floor exercise to help with: A leaky bladder, preparing for pregnancy, recovering from childbirth and approaching menopause? I would estimate that at least half of doctors will recommend that women do “kegel” (pelvic floor) exercises as the first approach to helping with those issues…. View Article
KGOAL  The fascination for the year, performance and calories burned doing anything pushed the team from a small company in San Francisco to create the kGoal, a toy shaped grenade that fits into the vagina to help strengthen the pelvic. The toy vibrates when users are properly pelvic contraction. It may be promising, especially for… View Article
If you keep your fitness-related New Year’s resolutions in 2015, it’ll likely be thanks to the new wave of devices and apps that have taken monitoring things like newborn sleep patterns and blood oxygenation from geek hobby to mass-market juggernaut. But what happens when companies have access to the most mundane details about our bodies?… View Article
Even though the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator personality test is controversial, it’s still extremely popular in today’s business world.  It tests four behavioral binaries to come up with 16 distinctive personality types. To give you an idea of how important it is, 80% of the Fortune 500 companies and 89 of the Fortune 100 companies use it to analyze… View Article
When you work outside of an office, a bad Wi-Fi connection or screaming kids in the background can put a real damper on your productivity. But technical difficulties and home distractions aren’t the only factors that make it hard to work remotely. In fact, many of a person’s successes or challenges with working from home… View Article
In support of Women’s Health Week, Minna Life, developer of kGoal, a smart Kegel exerciser and app that guides women through Kegel exercise routines, announced the results of its new Women’s Personal Health survey. To view the full survey results or learn more about kGoal, please visit: Key survey highlights: 61 percent of 18-29 year-olds receive their… View Article