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Productivity is a big topic these days. In an era of always-on technology and constant interruptions, getting more done in less time is the holy grail. Evidently, the answer is simple: Get out of the office. Of employees who work remotely at least a few times per month, more than three-quarters of them report greater… View Article
Personality testing has been around for years. Some of the better-known developmental tests are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DiSC personality test, but there are hundreds of other proprietary personality tests in the marketplace. “People are just very different and personality tests are all about capturing, in a systematic way, the ways that they’re different,”… View Article
Cracking the Code On Predictive Maintenance Requires More Than Sensored-Generated Telemetry Data  MANUEL TERRANOVA, President and CEO of Peaxy, says: Current talk would lead one to believe that industrial giants have cracked the code on predictive maintenance thanks to the petabytes of sensor-generated data coming off of machines today and landing in the hands of engineering… View Article
You’ve probably heard of kegel exercises — movements meant to help strengthen your pelvic floor. Tone up those muscles that support the uterus, bladder, and bowels, and you can likely improve some of the discomforts of late pregnancy, like leaking urine and hemorrhoids. These exercises aren’t new — but one new high-tech system in the marketplace suggests they’re important… View Article
Personality tests have become increasingly popular over the years. Many different types have emerged, but the one that stands out as one of the most credible is the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This formula presents 16 different types of basic personality types, with each type having a slightly different twist on its own. Each personality… View Article
Even though the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator personality test is controversial, it’s still extremely popular in today’s business world.  It tests four behavioral binaries to come up with 16 distinctive personality types. To give you an idea of how important it is, 80% of the Fortune 500 companies and 89 of the Fortune 100 companies use it to analyze… View Article
The kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer device tracks the strength of your vaginal muscles and puts the data into an easy-to-understand smartphone app. The device got nearly triple its Kickstarter goal of $90,000. Yes, a device for recording your vaginal strength crowdfunded over a quarter of a million dollars — ladies must’ve wanted it now. But kGoal isn’t the only champion of pelvic floor tightness. A… View Article
Unlike structured data, moving or migrating, unstructured data often has a negative effect on its value. Unstructured data, when moved—and by definition, renamed—makes finding data again very difficult. Stated differently, because of the way today’s dominant traditional storage systems are architected, hardware upgrades often orphan data from core analytics processes and the geoscientists who need… View Article
People with insufficient sleep issues have no trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, however, the sleep they do receive does not refresh their bodies or minds.  It is estimated that 40-percent of all people in the US suffer from insufficient sleep – this can contribute to serious health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. … View Article