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Percona recently published a blog discussing MySQL sharding models for SaaS applications. The blog did a great job highlighting the effort it takes to shard MySQL (e.g. gain write-scale for MySQL SaaS deployments), and discussed understanding both customer data requirements, as well as revenue expectations when designing sharding topologies. But another equally important consideration was… View Article
We see it everywhere these days.  That great big “thing,” those two scary words that send people into a frenzy.  Adults head for the hills, parents warn their children with bedtime horror stories.  Whatever you do, don’t be consumed by it! That’s right…social media. Oh, how frightening social media can be.  More and more you… View Article
Uncertainty, ambiguity and change in today’s global business climate requires exploration, invention, experimentation and adaptation—all of which require learning. So writes Edward Hess in his book, 2014’s Learn or Die. But, he adds, “Organizations cannot learn unless the individuals within them learn. He’s right. When it comes to your organization thriving, sinking or merely floating,… View Article
Blogs consist of anything that interests you that relates to: PR, social media, technology, marketing, SEO, blogs, audience engagement, social influencers, trending topics, media in the news today, books you have been reading that relate PR, etc. It’s always best to add URL links in your blog posts as well as any videos or images…. View Article
Still using WebEx to train workers? We get it. With Web-Ex, you can deliver the same quality training programs your competitors do. But that’s the problem. Success doesn’t come to those who do the exact same thing their competitors do. Today’s organization competes in a knowledge economy. Competitive edge depends on information and effective application… View Article
1. You made the meeting optional In the mind of a busy worker, ‘voluntary’ means unnecessary. If the meeting is important, you require your learners to go. If it’s not that important, why are you hosting it at all? Even if there’s low-impact but “nice to have” information that you’d like your workers to know… View Article
I once read a Huffington Post article that shared advice for interns such as, “I was able to get a lot of feedback and advice on how to proceed with my career objectives.” That is when I changed my perspective about internships. It’s not that I had anything against internships, I just worked different jobs… View Article