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What do you do when your organization doesn’t have news to pitch? You create some. That doesn’t require a pricey investment in an analyst report or a charitable contribution for the sake of media coverage. It doesn’t even require a press release. Rather, keeping your brand in the news is all about uncovering stories hidden… View Article
We began our Halloween-themed scary series with how to create a content strategy. Then we moved to keyword research. We continue today with the top challenges small- and medium-sized PR agencies face. While the challenges are many, so are the opportunities. For the longest time, I told myself that if this whole entrepreneurship thing failed, I could always… View Article
In my earlier post, I wrote about how Waterline uses a combination of data profiling with machine learning to create a new process called data fingerprinting that automatically tags columns of data with the appropriate business term regardless of the technical column name.  An additional aspect of the process is to also use the fingerprinting information… View Article
At the end of July, we shared 7 Tips for Helping Expand Use of Virtual Training Within Your Organization. Beginning with last month, we’re fleshing out and expanding on each of these tips in a bit more depth. We recently discussed tip #1 – WIIFM. This month, we move right on to number two – “Start at the… View Article
Let’s start with number one – WIIFM? As in, “What’s in it for me?” Right off the bat, the relevance and benefits of the training need to be explained and understood by all potential attendees.  Why should any employee take time out of their already-busy work schedule (or lunch break, or free time with their family and friends)… View Article
You want to build trust with your audience and increase brand awareness. Is it time to increase your PR budget, or would content marketing be a better investment? That’s a trick question: The answer is both. PR and content marketing work best when they’re working together. Because the terms “public relations” and “content marketing” can… View Article
Everyone’s heard of cloud computing. But for those of us from San Francisco, where we live much of our lives in low clouds, it’s fitting when we discover that much of our data is also lost in a fog. Imagine you are a business analyst. For you, most of your organization’s data is obscured. You… View Article
It’s a question we get asked by everyone daily – and one that we want to clarify for you, our beloved CoSo Cloud customers. What EXACTLY is a “Customer Success Manager?” Here at CoSo Cloud, CSMs wear many hats (sometimes all simultaneously). We’re PART therapist, PART quarterback, PART friend . . . and ALL dedicated… View Article
“Jeff Bezos does not like sitting still.” So wrote the Economist a couple of days ago after Amazon said it would acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. The opposite of sitting still, of course, is motion. And for Jeff it’s not just about always moving, it’s moving faster than everyone else. In his letter to… View Article
A few months ago we conducted a survey that asked workers what they sometimes find themselves doing during their virtual training sessions. 42% said they tune out to perform work-related tasks. Okay, while engagement is critical for sessions to be productive, it’s hard to fault an employee for prioritizing work over training. We could even… View Article